Aetna Retirees Association,  Aetna's promise of benefits to former Aetna employees

Current Issues and Challenges

  • Protecting medical, drug and pension plans
  • Working with Aetna management to improve the delivery of benefits
  • Helping members to understanding Aetna retiree programs
  • Assisting members in navigating the various Aetna websites
  • Demonstrating to Aetna management that retirees can be an asset to the company
  • Making recommendations to Aetna management to assist them in what and how to communicate benefit information to retirees
  • Working with Aetna management to better our understanding of the nuances and changes occurring in the delivery of healthcare and then communicating this to our members
  • Increasing ARA membership and visibility, both inside and outside Connecticut
  • Working (i) to guarantee a role for the insurance industry in any national healthcare program and (ii) to defeat any public option that would have an unfair advantage over private industry, perhaps eventually destroying it
  • Monitoring the adequacy of funding of Aetna pension plans
  • Advancing ARA members' legislative/ regulatory interests, working when deemed necessary within Connecticut and at the federal level and partnering with others -- e.g., Aetna and the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) -- when their views on the issues in question are consonant with ours