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This website is a vital communications link between the Aetna Retirees Association and its members. Your ARA will use it to keep members and potential members informed about the important challenges we face in defense of our retirement benefits. We believe that we must be vigilant and involved on a number of levels if we are to succeed in our mission.

Members can play an important role in this effort by staying up to date on the issues, urging former colleagues to join ARA, and making their voices heard.

Keeping promises is the stock-in-trade of any insurance company. We look to Aetna to keep the promises it made to us.


Latest Changes to the Website

  • Latest issue of our newsletter (March issue)  –  see Our Newsletter   (3/15)
  • Aetna's 4th-quarter earnings report  –  see News of Interest   (2/15)
  • An article on Aetna's naming Karen Rohan president  –  see News of Interest   (12/14)
  • Issue of our newsletter (October issue)  –  see Our Newsletter   (10/14)
  • Results of a review of our website including the updating of various pages and the elimination of some infrequently used pages   (9/14)
  • Issue of our newsletter (July issue)  –  see Our Newsletter   (7/14)
  • Aetna's 2013 Annual Report added  –  see Related Websites & Other Resources below   (6/14)
  • Aetna's 1st-quarter earnings report  –  see News of Interest   (4/14)

Related Websites & Other Resources

Frequently Used Aetna Retiree Websites

  • Aetna Retiree Connection  –  Aetna's most comprehensive website for retirees  –  get to any of the various Aetna retiree benefit websites through this site, including the sites listed below. It provides access to (i) both general and personal information on benefits (including those itemized below), such as Medicare medical & prescription drug plan details and costs, pensions, long term disability, life insurance, long-term care insurance and stock options, (ii) other resources such as the official Social Security and Medicare websites, (iii) options such as an address change, and much more.
  • Aetna Navigator  –  Everything you need to know about your own medical, dental, and prescription drug benefits, including your Retiree Reimbursement Account, your claims and deductible status, locating providers, estimating care costs, etc.
  • Aetna 401(k) Plan  –  Get account balances, reallocate funds, initiate withdrawals, etc. for your 401(k) plan
  • Aetna Foundation Matching Grant Programs  –  Traditional Matching Grants (= "Personal Donations"), "Giving Campaign" et. al. (Note to first-time users: after going to retiree page on this grant site, see link at the top)
  • 2015 Resource Guide to Your Aetna Retiree Benefits  –  What area to contact and how, for questions on all retiree benefits: medical, prescription drugs, dental, life insurance, pension, 401(k), long-term disability, and more

  • Aetna  –  a generic link to all that Aetna as a corporation has to offer
  • Aetna's 2013 Annual Report
  • NRLN  –  National Retiree Legislative Network is a non-profit organization originated by several large retiree groups for the purpose of protecting and promoting the equitable treatment and the benefits of private- and public-sector retirees.
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